Multi-Family properties offer a unique challenge to building owners, builders, management and tenants. At Spirits SW we understand the unique challenges and have developed services and systems that are perfectly designed for apartments, condominiums, hotels, and senior housing properties.

We are a single source solution for electrical wiring, security, phone, cable, fire alarm, audio/video and access control systems.

Multi-Family Building System

  • Access & electronic control systems
  • CCTV camera systems
  • Gate systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Direct TV satellite wiring infrastructure
  • 911 emergency telephones
  • WiFi Internet service provider

Individual Units

  • Telephone & computer wiring
  • Cable & satellite wiring
  • Green building products
  • Intrusion systems with “No Contract” monitoring
  • Flat panel television installation
  • Whole home music system wiring
  • iPod music system wiring
  • Surround sound system wiring
  • Doorbell/intercom systems wiring
  • Central vacuum systems piping
  • Surround sound system installation
  • Flat panel television installation
  • Doorbell/intercom system installation
  • Central vacuum system installation

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Latest news from Dwelo

 Dwelo is focused on the multifamily industry. We provide our customers - owners, managers, and residents - with web and mobile applications that allows them to control smart devices across their communities saving them time and money. We support our customers with end-to-end services that ensure an amazing experience for every member of the community. With Dwelo’s technology and service, residents live in the future, managers streamline their operations, and owners improve their NOI.  


Multifamily Industry Trends to Look Out for


There is little doubt that technology is impacting the multifamily sector, from internet usage for marketing purposes, to free Wi-Fi as an amenity, to increasing reliance on big data. Rentlytics, which provides all kinds data and insights to owners and operators, tapped into various experts to focus on multifamily technology trends to watch for in 2018. Some of these included:

  • Technology as a competitive differentiator, both when it comes to sourcing deals and managing assets.
  • Artificial intelligence, including Google Home and Alexa; some of this could end up working its way into rental units.
  • Active asset management, in which investors are strategically involved in the operations of their portfolios, rather than taking more of a hands-off attitude.
  • The emerging short-term rental market, as in multifamily owners partnering with Airbnb.
  • An increased value-add focus, especially as efforts become more concentrated on improving already existing, older apartments, versus building from the ground up.

 Spirits appliances might come to mind, like robo-maids, holographic TVs, or flying cars that fold up into suitcases.  But if current trends are any indication of what’s to come, the future of living will revolve around something else – time.  As many choose to trade suburban homes for city lofts and condos, our priorities have shifted to experiences. Time is the new luxury. We see this with the evolution of the on-demand service economy. Uber, Dollar Shave Club, and Amazon Prime save us time and hassle so we can focus on the things we care about.  This means our future living spaces must evolve as well. In homes of the future, internet connectivity will be a utility for all – not an amenity for some – and intelligence will be built into the walls, not just plugged into an outlet.

While smart home devices capture much of the public attention, we believe the true future of living is maximized in the smart apartments and multifamily communities.  Multifamily housing better serves our need for flexibility, convenience, and provides a sense of community.

What are Smart Apartments?

Smart apartments are more than smart lighting, temperature control, and voice assistants. Truly smart apartments are intelligent and connected from the inside-out, and are defined by three characteristics: smart device & amenities, connectivity, and community management.