Commercial, Residential And Multifamily Security
From impossible to detect to high profile crime deterrents
Spirits SW has the soloution!
Equiptment manufacturers like:
Axis - Digital Watchdog - Eyemax - Pelco - Eclipse

surveillance systems - hidden mini cam systems
on site service and maintenance contracts - web cam surveillance
dedicated remote video monitoring systems - custom vtr & dvr set up
custom cable - cable & rca jacks - on site repair
complete catv & cctv installations & video services
Commercial Surveillance Systems
Spirits SW can deliver cutting edge camera technologies that are either impossible to detect or camera setups that provide a high profile and very visible crime deterrent. We can supply and install all the cable, cameras, switchers, sensors and DVR's you will need to have a professional security surveillance system.

Commercial Remote IP Systems
New IP Systems make viewing a remote site a mouse click away. Use your internet browser to monitor remote locations and sites. We have a wide range of custom storage and server options when it comes to remote video security. Decicated remote IP video servers make it easier than ever to track and watch off site locations. Great for realtors and remote site managers.

Eyeview delivers full-size digital video feature and performance in a small stand-alone web camera. It compresses image and transmits real-time video via network types, such as the Internet, corporate LAN, XDSL, ADSL, Cable Modem, ISDN or Leased Line.

Eyeview use H.263 video compression algorithm solutions that compress and transmit the video and audio signals at the total speed of 30 frames per second each channel so users can see the live view. H.263 is specially designed for use in very low bit rate applications such as web conferencing.

Eyeview provides bi-directional audio and alarm inputs & outputs from a convenient browser-based user interface. The browser-based interface requires no additional software, and provides effortlessly available access from anywhere in the world.

Digital video motion detection, alarm sensor inputs and e-mail event notification make the Eyeview extremely capable in detecting, responding to, and reporting site activity. The two-way full duplex audio channel provides listen-in capability as well as the ability to provide instructions or alerts to the remote site. Optional recording software provides an archive of event video.

Simplify your video surveillance

As a business owner, you have many other important things to focus on rather than worrying about your surveillance.

A DW® MEGApix® CaaS™ Edge Camera is an easy and cost-effective way to deploy high-definition IP video with a full-featured VMS software with no recurring fees or high network bandwidth dependencies. No software to buy and install, no license keys and no OS to maintain.